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As a young person, Kate Bush was banned from our house. Seen as Pagan, somehow demonised, of course upon leaving home, Kate Bush’s The Kick Inside was the first album I bought. The Jig of Life, Kate’s short film The Line, the Cross, and the Curve, through to her latest “How to be Invisible”, she’s always made me feel like there IS an ‘US’, that something bigger than what I am is in effect.
Kate Bush – Jig of Life

A bit of Woo for you? One of my go-to blogs. Compiled and contributed to by Tommie Kelly, there’s plenty to look at, read and learn about in here. I’m starting you on the ‘About’ page, since there are so many gems in here, you really need to take a wander. Wonderful insight, great humour and many learnings.
Adventures in Woo Woo

Interested in numbers? “The connection is made between the value 1480 and 137 which is the Gematria value of Cabala using the spelling QaBaLaH and diameter of a circle 666 in circumference…”                                                                                                                        This book looks towards offering an interpretation of Greek and Hebrew gematria formula and their connection with Paganism. This work is large, though of great interest to me. I’ll be looking at v-logging about my magickal experiences with numbers and my interest in startling synchronicity in Hebrew and Western Asian (Quran and Ancient Persian) texts. This is a pretty nifty canon to look  through. 

Frater Barrabbas Tiresiusauthor, witch and ritual magick practitioner.

My work in the area of Persian Sorcery, sporadically maintained while testing some of the ancient ways of Yatukihic practice: Song of Solomon